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About us

Why to choose us

Tadoba Safari Tigers, a brain child of wildlife enthusiasts. We have grown up in the jungles of Tadoba, Watching the big cats grow, mark their territory and migrate to a newer land. While growing we have also seen Tadoba change, from a mere undiscovered tiger reserve to becoming a place for wildlife and Big cat lovers.

Tadoba, also known as the breeding ground for tigers, has a history. And we have witnessed it.

Tadoba Safari Tigers is not merely a travel company. It is something what we love doing, exploring the woods and watch the big cats play.

If you are the one who appreciate nature, love to discover its secrets, explore the jungle, and experience its beauty, Tadoba is a place for you.

By sharing our stories of Tadoba, we make sure that your visit to the jungle is not only a vacation but an experience you cherish. Stories you will take with you along with the memories of the Jungle.

And as Marcel Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” We ensure you that, your every visit to Jungle will give something new to cherish and share.

Welcome to Tadoba. Explore the Jungle with Tadoba Safari Tigers.

Why We

Many times we are asked as what is it that makes us different from others.

Well its’ simple. The first and foremost thing is we don’t sell safaris, we Plan them for you.

Let us know your requirement and we will ensure that you get the best of your time, travel and money.

There are many service providers who would offer you the economical safari, but we are the one who research for you and recommend you the best safari that suites your needs and fulfill your expectations. We believe in becoming a one stop solution.

From booking an accommodation to taking care of your travel, we plan it all. So that you don’t have to worry about your plans and spend time researching, comparing and trying to get the best deal. Trust us, what we offer is par excellence and something you would rarely find.

Once you connect with us, all you have to worry about is can you extend your stay in the jungle.

With in-depth knowledge from years of experience we are here to suggest, advice and help you plan your trip from end to end.

Tadoba Safari Tigers, believes in providing you an experience, not just a visit to the jungle.


Jungle Safaris

Corporate Conferences


Conveyance in AC Cabs

Customized Packages

Visit to near by places


Various accommodation options are available from luxury stay to economical one. If you are bagpacker or if you are looking for a luxury treat, accommodations are available as per your need.

Resort details

Economy Budget Luxury Premium
Mohurli 03 03 01 01
# Khutvanda 00 00 00 00
Navegaon 00 00 01 00
Kollara 01 02 00 01
# Zari (Kolsa) 00 00 00 00
# Pangadi (Kolsa) 00 00 00 00

# As accommodation is not available at Zari, Pangdi and Khutvanda gate, we can provide the best available accommodation within range of 20 Kms from the respective gates.

Let us know your requirement and we will suggest you an accommodation.


How To Reach

Tadoba lies in the Chandrapur District of Maharastra close to Nagpur which is a major railhead, bus and an airport.

Nearest Railway station : Chandrapur, Maharashtra, INDIA
                                           Nagpur, Maharashtra, INDIA

Nearest Airport: Nagpur, Maharashtra, INDIA

Visitor’s Guide

Why to choose us

The tiger reserve is open throughout the year, except Tuesdays. Only Mohurli gate is open in Monsoon season also i.e from 1st July to 15th October.

In all there are Six gates and entry points to Tadoba reserve.

1. Mohurli

2. Khutvanda

3. Navegaon

4. Kollara

5. Pangadi

6. Zari

Each gate has its own visitors quota allotted and only those many numbers of vehicles are permitted to enter through that gate.

The reserve can be visited in between 6AM to 10AM & 3PM to 6 PM from each gate.

The best season to visit Tadoba is during summers. The rain has its own charm. So if you want to explore a very different jungle Tadoba is surely a must.

From Mohurli gate you can explore whole reserve.

Distance ( in Kms) of Gate From Nagpur & Chandrapur

Name of Gates Number of Vehicles Permitted Distance ( in Kms) of Gate From
Nagpur Chandrapur
Mohurli 30 150 25
Khutvanda 04 150 50
Navegaon 06 130 100
Kollara 14 120 120
Zari (Kolsa) 03 175 35
Pangadi (Kolsa) 03 130 90

Distance in Kms of inter gates

Mohurli Khutvanda Navegaon Kollara Zari (Kolsa) Pangadi (Kolsa)
Mohurli 0 20 80 100 65 105
Khutvanda 20 0 60 80 85 125
Navegaon 80 60 0 30 110 70
Kollara 100 80 30 0 85 45
Zari (Kolsa) 65 85 110 85 0 55
Pangadi (Kolsa) 105 125 70 45 55 0